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The Vampire Killers

The Fearful Vampire Killers

The fate of one "vampire killer" was determined in Arkansas recently, while three people in Guyana still await their chance to prove in court that they acted rationally...if they can.

Nathan Chipps
Nathan Chipps
On August 15, 2006, Nathaniel Chipps shot Teresa Tracy McCartney in the head outside Rockport, Arkansas.  They were together in the travel trailer of a friend, also present but in another room, and they started to argue.  Chipps then shot McCartney, fled the trailer, stole a car, and high-tailed it to hide out in the home of a relative.

Rockport, Arkansas map
Rockport, Arkansas map

The friend who owned the trailer called the police, who transported the victim, but she had died from her wound.  She'd been shot with a .38-calibre weapon, the type of gun that the police located in the vicinity where they arrested Chipps after a two-hour manhunt.  He went with them without further incident and was locked up in the county jail.  The gun was sent for a ballistics examination, as Chipps had no weapon on him.

Chipps, 21, claimed that McCartney, 35, had told him she was a vampire and wanted to suck his blood.  He'd shot her in self-defense.  However, it was found that he'd taken drugs that night and was hallucinating at the time of the incident.

Chipps was charged with aggravated assault and murder, according to a Caller-Times report.  The case went to trial and, with a murder conviction, Chipps could have gotten 99 years, but instead, on June 15, a jury found him guilty of the lesser charge of manslaughter.  They sentenced him to 20 years in prison and a fine of $10,000.

Next: The situation was more confused on the East Demerara Coast of Guyana. 

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