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Vampire of Paris: The story of Nico Claux

Lurking in Graveyards

Moulin Rouge
Paris cabaret Moulin Rouge where Nicolas Claux was arrested
On Nov. 15, 1994, officers of the Parisian "Brigade Criminelle" arrested 22-year-old Nicolas Claux outside the world famous cabaret Moulin Rouge on suspicion of the murder of Thierry Bissonnier, 34.  Bissonniers October 4 killing was one of a string of homosexual murders, seven of which occurred in October alone. The murder squads preliminary investigator, Gilbert Thiel, believed that a single killer was responsible and was eager to get Claux back to headquarters for questioning.  Claux says that Thiel, veteran of several high-profile cases, was not prepared for the web of murder, cannibalism, and sadistic acts that he had woven in his short lifetime.

The following account includes several narrations by Mr. Claux to provide a better window on a killers life and crimes. Some of Clauxs commentaries, delivered in writing, have been edited, polished, and arranged for a more narrative flow. 

Claux: Following my arrest I was taken back to the Parisian Crime Department for questioning.  Unbeknownst to me, crime scene investigators were already in the process of exercising a search warrant on my apartment at 9 Rue Coustou.  Inside they found a .22-caliber handgun under my bed, which they immediately sent off for ballistics tests.  While they were probably not surprised to have found the pistol, they were almost certainly not prepared for the grisly scene that welcomed them. 

"Throughout my apartment, bone fragments and human teeth were scattered about like loose change; vertebras and leg bones hung from the ceiling like morbid mobiles, and hundreds of videocassettes, mostly slasher and hardcore S&M flicks, filled my shelves.  One can only imagine what went through the minds of the investigators as they looked around my living quarters.  On one wall hung a bullet-riddled target, while across the room sat a TV set with jars of human ashes resting on top of it.  Several bondage magazines were piled in a far corner, and nearby my backpack was found, which contained handcuffs, surgical instruments and duct tape.  In addition to my tastes and choice of décor, investigators also discovered several stolen blood bags inside of my refrigerator.

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