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Joseph Kallinger, the Enigmatic Cobbler

Photo Gallery

Joseph Kallinger

Composite sketch of the suspect

Sketch of man for the Wanted flier

Another sketch of man for the Wanted flier

Composite sketch of wanted youth

Sketch of youth for the Wanted flier

The Philadelphia skyline

Sketch of Local map with Leonia marked

The house in Leonia, NJ

Livingroom with cords and irons on floor

Sketch: Second Floor plan

Second bedroom where victims were found

Basement furnace and Mr. Welby tied up

Tape case used to bind victims

Unknown fingerprints at the house were identified later as Kallinger's

Kallinger's fingerprints compared with the unknown fingerprints found at the house

Shirt found with blood on sleeve

Close up of shirt sleeve with blood on it

Shirt tagged with 'found at Bylum Park'

Ring found at Kallinger home

Glove found during search

Front hallway entrance

Upstairs bedroom, ransacked

Master Bedroom, ransacked

Livingroom, with items on the floor

Sketch of house footprint in the neighborhood

First floor plan sketch

Cellar floorplan sketch

Attic floorplan sketch

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