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The Texas Eyeball Killer


Only four days after Shirley Williams had been brought to the morgue, the police had a warrant in hand for Albright's arrest and a plan to apprehend him. At that time, thanks to the prostitutes, he could be charged with attempted murder and attempted assault. They could hold him and search for better evidence against him in the three murders.

A couple of hours after midnight on March 22, members of the elite tactical squad came together to surround Albright's Oak Cliff home on Eldorado. They spotted a station wagon in the driveway similar to the one described by Brenda. They called the house to make sure a male was inside, and a man answered. At the signal, they moved in. A window was smashed and stun grenades were tossed inside. (Albright would later complain about this procedure and ask why they hadn't just knocked.) Others broke in through the door and rousted Albright and his wife from bed.  Dixie began to scream and demanded to know what they were doing.

They asked Albright where SpeeDee was, but he seemed confused by the question. Later they realized that, fortuitously, SpeeDee had simply used Albright's address on his license. He did not live there. Albright and Dixie were hustled off to the police station for interrogation, while investigators searched his house and prepared to look at other properties listed under his deceased father's name.


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