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The Texas Eyeball Killer

The Case Today

Currently, Albright resides at the Clements Unit of the Texas Department of Corrections in Amarillo. He no longer corresponds with Dixie, and Matthews and Wicker state that he's been observed showing interest in news reports that indicate eyes have been gouged or cut out.

Many of the available books on serial killers fail to list this offender. Eric Hickey includes him as a "paraphilic serial killer," but without Matthews' book and Hollandsworth's article, from which Hickey takes his material, Albright might not have surfaced beyond local Texas sources. Hollandsworth and Hickey add that in prison Albright subscribes to a magazine about iridology and possesses the first issue of Omni magazine from 1978, which features a large eyeball on the cover. HBO's "Autopsy" series adds that he spends his time drawing eyeballs and decorating his prison cell with them. They showed footage of him in the act of drawing an eye, with his eyeball artwork pasted to the wall of his cell.

The 2005 season finale of a CBS show called "Cold Case" featured a boy who liked removing the eyes from his toys and who grew up to become a serial killer who cut out the eyes from his victims and replaced them with shiny black marbles.


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