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The Texas Eyeball Killer

The Dark Side

At age 16, the police caught him with some petty cash from a cash register, two handguns and a rifle. For that, despite Delle's strenuous efforts on his behalf, he received a year in jail.

Having apparently learned his lesson, upon his release he set out to be a productive citizen, going to Arkansas State Teacher's College and majoring in pre-med studies. He also learned several languages. He was popular, but people were aware that he often bragged and exaggerated things about himself, including his bedroom habits. Some people said that it was second nature for him to lie, especially because he claimed to have bedded dozens of women. In subjects he liked, he excelled, but he also took to stealing tests or changing his grades in the school files when he needed to. (He got his girlfriend to steal keys for him.) He was active on campus in several clubs, but had a reputation for being reckless and perverse, and there was one incident that several publications have mentioned as significant, because eyes figured prominently in it.

One of his football teammates dated a girl with almond-shaped eyes, and when they broke up, he tossed out the photos and got a new girlfriend. He had a few photographs of himself with this new girl, and one day he noticed something odd. Albright had cut out her eyes and in their place he had pasted the almond-shaped eyes of the former girlfriend. Albright had also pasted the eyes in other places, such as the ceiling and bathroom. It was bizarre, but apparently not uncharacteristic of him.

Found with stolen items, he was expelled from the college before graduation but not prosecuted. He wasn't fazed. He just falsified his degrees, stealing the right documents, forging signatures, and giving himself bachelor's and master's degrees that he didn't earn.

Getting married to his college girlfriend, who became a teacher, he took up a seemingly normal life and they had a daughter. Albright failed to hold a job for long, but whatever he did work at he mastered: illustrator, bullfighter, hair stylist, designer, artist, carpenter. He continued to "cheat" by forging checks and claiming false credentials, and he was caught in his deception while teaching at a high school, but he always managed to get probation for his illegal acts. He learned that a little charm goes a long way. He'd even been a competent teacher.