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The UK Hammer Murders


BBC News (February 6, 2003). Students death was murder.

BBC News (February 7, 2003). Family devastated by murder.

BBC News (February 13, 2003). Police make a Marsha murder link.

BBC News (August 24, 2004). Murdered womans belongings found.

Bell, Sarah (September 10, 2004). Amelie police look into fresh attack. The Richmond  and Twickenham Times.

Brown, Jonathan (August 24, 2004). Fear Grips safe community as police link Twickenham killing to past attacks. The Independent.

Davenport, Justin (August 8, 2004). Does Amelies murderer target blonde women? Schoolgirl tells how she was stalked just before killing. The Evening Standard.

Hopkins, Nick (March 20, 2003). Police to question Marsha timewaster. The Guardian.

Houslow Guardian (November 12, 2003). Latest brutal attack baffles police.

Mackay, Don and Edwards, Jeff (August 24, 2004). I escaped hammer maniac; girls last moments on film--Amelie killers victims tells of ordeal. The Mirror.

Raine, Andrew (September 10, 2004). Park hammer find linked to Amelie. The Richmond  and Twickenham Times.

Taylor, Ben and Gardham, Duncan (August 25, 2004). Amelies purse and keys found by divers; Thames  breakthrough in hunt for students killer as police raid bungalow. The Daily Mail.

The Independent (September 1, 2004). Man questioned over Amelies murder.

The Richmond and Twickenham Times (November 23, 2004). White van circled Amelie murder scene.

BBC News (August 13, 2004). Hunt for driver who tried to kill Kate.

BBC News (March 17, 2005). Strong leads in car attack case.

BBC News (March 15, 2005). Hit and run vehicle is recovered.

Justin Davenport (March 3, 2006). Amelie's parents face man accused of killing. Evening Standard (London).


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