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The UK Hammer Murders

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Forensic experts helped search the property, which had been recently broken into. They looked for fingerprints, dredged the drains and used dogs to sniff out any evidence possibly related to the murder, the report said. It remains unclear whether anything important was found.

In another development, police arrested a 22-year old man in east London s famous Whitechapel district in connection with Amelies murder. A September 2004 article in The Independent claimed that the man was released on bail pending further inquiries, before being detained under the Mental Health Act. It is not known whether the man is directly linked to the murder.  He is, however, the last to be suspected in her death.

Police squad works to catch the killer
Police squad works to catch the killer

In the months following Amelies murder, four more men were arrested. Three were released on bail and another was detained under the Mental Health Act. None of the suspects have been charged in any of the attacks. After the arrest of the fifth suspect, the police asked the public for assistance in tracing a white Ford Courier with the registration number P610 XCN, which was seen circling Twickenham Green area on the night Amelie was killed, The Richmond and Twickenham Times reported in a November 23 article.The van was believed to be a critical link in the case that could lead police to the identity of the murderer. Serial killers like the Hammer Murderer don't stop until they are apprehended, so the list of victims was expected to grow.

White Ford Courier van
White Ford Courier van

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