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Wayne Adam Ford: The Remorseful Serial Killer

Extra: Victoria Redstall's Fixation

Addendum by Katherine Ramsland

Victoria Redstall
Victoria Redstall

Among serial killer groupies Victoria Redstall stands out (although she insists, "I'm nothing like those lunatics who want to seek out serial killers").  In the summer of 2006 she made headlines for her multiple meetings with Wayne Adam Ford.  What sets the British-born, busty, one-time weathergirl apart is this: she is a former spokesperson for a breast enhancement supplement, Herbal Grobust, and he is renowned for delivering to police a severed female breast in a plastic bag. 

It's not often that fantasies click quite this well between a serial killer and his fans, but this one seems both bizarre and a bit too "well-formed" to be real.

Wayne Adam Ford
Wayne Adam Ford

Ford, a one-time long-haul trucker, was convicted in June 2006 on four counts of murder.  In 1997 and 1998, he had bound, strangled and stabbed four women, three of them prostitutes and the other a hitchhiker.  He dismembered two, keeping parts in his freezer. His stabbed his first victim, still unidentified, 27 times, removing her head, arms, legs, and breasts to "make her smaller."  Ford tossed her torso into a waterway, as he would do with the next three as well. 

He blamed a failed marriage and alcohol abuse for his problems.  After he confessed for over an hour to his last assault, turning himself in so he would "stop hurting people," he claimed to be a different man.  Yet anger is still an issue, as he's threatened jail officials and smuggled weapons into his cell.

West Valley Detention Center
West Valley Detention Center

Redstall, an actress who's landed commercial voice-overs and bit parts in several films, apparently befriended Ford while on a tour of the West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga.  She went there specifically to see him, and persuaded a guard to take her to his cell.  During the spring, she visited Ford regularly, often spending as much as three hours at a time.  Featured in the LA Times on August 1, Redstall told reporters that she and Ford liked to sing country songs together, and his singing gave her "gooseflesh."  Several sources reported that she'd long been interested in serial killers.

Like most groupies, she romanticized Ford (while denying that her connection is romantic), believing that who he was during his killing spree is not the man he is today.  She says that he is full of remorse, and anyway, "We all have evil in us."  Even as she shed tears over his apparent show of conscience, she thought it was "hysterical" that this offender with a breast fetish had become so attuned to a model for breast enhancement.

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