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Wayne Adam Ford: The Remorseful Serial Killer


Mad River Bridge
Mad River Bridge
During interviews with police, Wayne revealed the location of some of the body parts of the unidentified woman he killed and dismembered. He claimed that he buried the woman's head and arms near the Mad River. The remaining parts, including the victim's thighs, were temporarily kept in his freezer before being buried at a Trinidad campsite.

Investigators went to the campsite and to the Mad River to investigate Wayne's story. They were unable to find the victim's head, which reduced the likelihood of her being identified. However, they did manage to find at the campsite six or seven other body parts that were linked with Jane Doe.

Wayne Adam Ford's campsite
Wayne Adam Ford's campsite.

Wayne confessed that he picked up the woman whom was hitchhiking near Eureka. Smith suggested that Wayne was initially attracted to the woman because of her large breasts, something for which Wayne had a fixation. He told investigators that he took her back to his trailer, had rough sex and then strangled her. It was a process he repeated on three other occasions. However, unlike with the other victims, he dismembered the unidentified woman in his bathtub with a saw and knives. He said that he dismembered her because it made it easier to dispose of her body.

A search of Wayne's trailer revealed even more critical evidence. They found in the kitchen a coffee can that was believed to have contained Jane Doe's breast. Moreover, a plastic bag with the "Flying J" logo was also discovered, which matched the bag discovered earlier nearby Lanette White's remains. Moreover, the freezer in which Wayne stored body parts was also found and confiscated.

Flying J Truckstop near Lodi
Flying J Truckstop near Lodi.

All of the evidence from the trailer and campsite was taken to a police crime lab to be examined. Wayne's semi tractor truck, which was used for work and also his personal truck were confiscated for examination. The trucks were of particular importance to investigators because Wayne confessed that he drove for days on end with at least two of the dead victim's bodies in tow.

They hoped that remnants of the bodies might be found in the trucks, which could be used to strengthen their case. Even though Wayne presented himself on a silver platter to the authorities, investigators wanted to be sure that there was enough supporting evidence. They didn't want to take any chances.


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