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Wayne Adam Ford: The Remorseful Serial Killer


After a day of drinking, Wayne went to a pay phone at the Ocean Grove Lodge in Trinidad, Calif., and called his brother Rod. Wayne was emotional and had something important to tell him. He asked his brother to come to the lodge as soon as he could.

Rod was five hours away. Yet, despite the distance he hopped in his car and drove to his brother. He arrived at the lodge in the early morning hours of November 3, 1998, tired but ready to talk.

During their conversation, Wayne appeared to be highly emotional and anxious about something. However, he refused to tell Rod what exactly was wrong. After several hours of trying to get Wayne to talk with no success, Rod gave in to fatigue and went to bed. Later that same day, Rod tried to pry out of his brother what was bothering him. Eventually, Wayne confessed that he hurt some people, but who they were and to what extent they were hurt remained unclear.

Rod spent the better part of the afternoon trying to wrestle information out of his brother with no success. He finally decided that if Wayne had done something that resulted in people getting hurt, then it was absolutely necessary for him to turn himself into the authorities. Wracked with guilt, Wayne took his brother's advice and went to the Humboldt County Sheriff's department that same evening. It was there that Rod learned what his brother had done.

While in police custody, Wayne confessed to murdering Patricia Tamez, Tina Gibbs, Lanette White and the unidentified woman whose torso was found on the banks of the Ryan Slough. He gave investigators a detailed account of how he murdered each victim, why he did it and where he put the missing body parts. Needless to say, Wayne was promptly arrested.

Wayne Adam Ford
Wayne Adam Ford

At the time of the murders Wayne worked as a long-haul truck driver, carrying lumber throughout Oregon, California, Nevada and Arizona . It was during his road trips that he abducted and murdered his victims. According to Bhavna Mistry's 1998 Daily News article, Wayne's killing rampage was sparked by anger at his ex-wife, whom he believed withheld their son from him. The article further stated that he turned himself in because, "he was afraid he would kill his ex-wife and he didn't want his son to be an orphan."


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