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Wayne Adam Ford: The Remorseful Serial Killer

Growing Instability

From the beginning of the marriage, Wayne suffered from severe bouts of depression. He also became extremely controlling and aggressive toward his new wife. Even though she desperately tried to please him, there was little she could do to make him happy.

In 1995, she learned that she was pregnant. In her fifth month, she and Wayne had a dispute, after which he raped her. The incident horrified and frightened her. What made it worse was his indifference about what he had done. Shortly thereafter, she fled Wayne to temporarily live with her mother in Nevada.

Eventually, the two moved back in together only to split up again. Wayne and his wife's on-again, off-again relationship continued throughout the pregnancy and after the birth of their baby, who was born in December 1995. Many of the problems the couple experienced were due to Wayne's troublesome behavior.

According to Smith, Wayne frequently demanded that she participate in acting out his sexual fantasies, including sleeping with strange men while he watched and sticking needles into her breasts. Wayne also demanded that she clean the house, cook three times a day for him and care for the baby while he skipped from job to job between California and Las Vegas. No matter how hard she worked, Wayne criticized her.

Before long, his wife realized life would probably be much easier without Wayne. In the summer of 1996, she moved out with their son and began divorce proceedings. Wayne temporarily went to live with his grandmother before permanently moving into a trailer-home in Arcata, Calif.

Following the split, his former wife encouraged Wayne to visit their son but he made only a few attempts to see him. Wayne was too busy wallowing in his own self-pity and hatred. He slipped deeper and deeper into psychosis, which was further facilitated by alcohol abuse. His mounting anger soon turned deadly.


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