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Robert Anderson: Awakening The Devil

Eye Witnesses

On July 29th, Vance told the police about a man he remembered visiting their residence several days prior to his wifes disappearance. He recalled that a balding man in his twenties named Rob Anderson came to their trailer at around 7:30 a.m. on July 26th to inquire about enrolling his kids into Vance and Pipers bible camp for children, which they operated every July.

Robert Leroy Anderson
Robert Leroy Anderson
Vance claimed that Anderson seemed startled to see him as if he didnt expect him to be home. Once Anderson overcame his initial surprise, he briefly asked about the camp. Vance referred him to Piper who explained that the camp was over for the summer but suggested he sign his kids up for the next year. Anderson agreed and wrote down his name and telephone number before leaving.

The police immediately began investigating the information Vance gave them. Their new suspect was 26-year-old Robert Leroy Anderson, a maintenance man at John Morrell & Co. meat packing plant. They also learned that Anderson had been married twice and had four children.

John Morrell & Co, antique logo
John Morrell & Co, antique logo
Several witnesses who were interviewed during the police investigation claimed to have seen a black truck in the vicinity of the Streyles trailer home on the day Piper went missing. One of the witnesses was a highway worker who told investigators that he saw a black Bronco approximately three times that day, once at around 9:45 a.m., a second time approximately one hour later and a final time at about 12:30 p.m.

A neighboring couple told investigators that at around 11:45 a.m. on the day in question, they witnessed a black Bronco close to the Streyles trailer. According to court documents, they noticed Shaina and Nathan standing alone by the roadside, looking upset. The neighbors saw the truck again about one hour later. It was standing in the front of the driveway and they saw a man in a black baseball cap and jeans walking from the Streyles residence.

On July 30th, investigators contacted Anderson and asked him to voluntarily go to the police station to be interviewed, which he did. During approximately eight hours of videotaped questioning, Anderson calmly admitted to going to the Streyles trailer four days earlier. Even though he hadnt established an alibi for July 29th, he did tell investigators that he returned to the Streyles house that day to ask permission to use the archery range on their property, but no one answered the door so he left. Anderson denied knowing anything about her abduction or Pipers whereabouts. Eventually, they would catch him in his lies.

Anderson's Bronco truck
Anderson's Bronco truck

While the police were interrogating Anderson, investigators got a warrant to search his  blue Bronco and home. During the search they would find what would prove to be some of the most incriminating evidence found against Anderson. Unfortunately, it would not lead to Pipers whereabouts. In fact, she would never be found.

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