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Body Count Rises


 I had a dream of Terri Lyn being nude in the bush. I dreamt her left arm was up and her right leg was down. When the police found her, her right leg was up and her left arm was down. The exact opposite. So actually my dream was telling me she died. But I didnt want to believe it.

Terry Carson, mother of Terri Lyn, 15-year-old murder victim.

The plastic, canary-yellow Do Not Cross Police Line tape was strung from the trees near Weaver Lake, the rugged recreation area east of Vancouver. The forensic experts exhumed the remains of a 14-year-old girl. She had been repeatedly stabbed in the head, neck, thorax and abdomen and dumped not far from where Daryn Johnsrudes body was found and near where Marcoux had dumped his victim five years earlier. The young girl was a tourist, and at first nobody knew that she was missing.

Saturday, July 25, 1981 Sigrun Arnd

Sigrun Arnd, victim
Sigrun Arnd, victim

Sigrun Arnd, a visiting German student from Weinheim, a small Rhine Valley town, was spotted with the killer in a Coquitlam pub, and then later by a couple of passengers in a passing train, where she was crouched with a middle aged man who turned out to be Olson. It was only after he confessed that her name was added to the murder list.

Mr. & Mrs. Arnd received the devastating news by long distance. It was on August 28 when the telephone rang, Mrs. Arnd later told the Vancouver Sun. My sister in Vernon was on the line and told me that the police were there and she was now going to translate a very sad message. The police had found a dead girl who might be Sigrun. She was an intelligent, suspicious girl. We discussed frequently how she would never get into a strangers car, not to mention that she would never hitchhike. But obviously in Canada she did.

Sigrun left behind a diary. She raved about the trips by boat and horseback but, most of all, she fell for the friendliness, open-heartedness and eagerness to help of the local people, Irmgard Arnd said. Im sure it was because of this that she lost all her natural caution and timidness.

Her body was found in Richmond, partly buried in peat in a trench, some 400 yards from where Simon Partington had been unearthed the day before.

Two days later, another youth vanished.

Monday, July 27, 1981 Terri Lyn Carson

Terri Lyn Carson,victim
Terri Lyn

Terri Lyn Carsons mother would eventually sit in the courtroom as the wheels of justice turned. Grief-stricken, it was a sad sight to behold as she mourned her 15-year-olds murder. Terri had left the family home on Monday morning at about eight oclock. A slight girl, about 105 pounds, a little over 5 feet, she was no match for Olson who stopped and offered her a ride that included a drink, laced with drugs. She was just another student looking for a summer job so Olsons ruse worked well and the drink was a sort of celebration for having found a job. As he had done with a few of the others, Olson drove away from the city into the wilderness four miles east of Agassiz, out on the north shore of the Fraser River. He turned off at Rosedale, a rural area. In the forest, he strangled her, burned her clothes and threw her purse and shoes into the Fraser River.

Although Olson was a prime suspect and they watched him, they had nothing to charge him with in relation to the murders. On July 29th the police dropped surveillance because as the Mounties put it, it became obvious that Olson had detected the fact that it was in place. It would not be reinstated until August 6th when he returned from a trip to Alberta with Joan and the baby.

Meanwhile the Mounties were still trying to get their man.



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