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Clifford Olson

Addicted to Murder

 Clifford Olson some say had a Jekyll and Hyde personality who posed as a happy family man and a devout church goer, but in reality no one could see the monster ready to be let loose once he started drinking.

In his own words.

Thursday, July 9, 1981 Judy Kozma

Clifford Olson drove up North Road toward downtown New Westminster, passing the looming B.C. Penitentiary on the way, as he did many times before on this main thoroughfare through the quiet residential streets of Coquitlam. It also accessed one of his favorite haunts, the Cariboo, where he often purchased off-sale beer. He liked to drink and drive, and have his passengers drink as well.

It was not unusual to be traveling with younger people in the car as he cruised the streets. This time, 18-year-old Randy Ludlow was with him. Little did Ludlow know that only a week ago, Olson killed Simon Partington and two days before was charged with indecent assault on a 16-year-old girl. Ludlow rendered an eye-witness account of the last few hours of Judy Kozmas life.

 Between eleven and noon on July 9th I was with Olson, Ludlow confirmed. We were driving toward downtown New Westminster. Olson spotted a girl leaving a phone booth on Columbia Street in front of the Royal Columbian Hospital. He obviously knew her because he waved to her. She smiled and seemed to be happy to see him. He pulled over. She came across the street and talked with him.

Phone Booth that Judy Kozma left to join Olson (Jan Bouchard-Kerr)
Phone Booth that Judy Kozma left
to join Olson
(Jan Bouchard-Kerr)

Judy Kozma was on her way to Richmond to see a friend and to apply for a job at Wendys restaurant. A shy, pretty brunette, she was desperately looking for a second job. She had met Olson at McDonalds where she already worked as a part-time cashier.

Judy Kozma, victim
Judy Kozma, victim

Hop in, Olson said. Well take you there.

Once in the car, Judy exclaimed, This is good. This will be faster than the bus. I would have had to go all through Vancouver to get there.

Olson offered the two youths the ever-present beer in his car as he drove to Richmond. They arrived long before it was time for Judys job interview and too early for her to meet her friend, so they stopped at the Richmond Inn to buy some more beer. At one point Olson handed Ludlow a big wad of money to impress Kozma, only to take it back while getting more liquor.

 When we returned to the car, Ludlow would later explain, Judy sat in the front passenger seat. I sat in back. Olson offered Judy a job cleaning windows at ten dollars an hour.

Leslie Holmes and Bruce Northorp in Where Shadows Linger tell what happened next: They returned to New Westminster where Olson bought a bottle of rum at the liquor store near the foot of 10th Street. He returned to the car with the rum, coke, and plastic glasses. On Olsons instructions, Randy mixed drinks for all three.

Olson encouraged Judy to have another drink, related Ludlow. She didnt want more.

Olson persisted. Give her another drink, give her another drink, he ordered.

Eventually Judy agreed to take a light one. Olson told me to mix it, said Randy. I gave her a glass of coke with no rum. I caught Judys eye and signaled it was only coke.

Judy took a sip and said, This is really strong.

Olson looked at me and nodded, indicating I had done well by giving her a stiff drink, Ludlow continued.

Olson then gave Judy some tiny green pills, saying, Here, take these, theyll straighten you out. They keep you from getting drunk. She took the pills.

Olson parked in the underground garage at the complex where he lived. Ludlow and Judy stayed in the car while he went to his apartment. Ludlow reflected, This was the only time I detected any anxiety on her part. She was nervous and upset. I put it down to the fact she was fifteen years old, she had been drinking, and she was going to miss her job interview. She was crying and I wiped the tears from her eyes. Olson returned shortly and she seemed her old self again.

Olson then dropped Ludlow off at the Lougheed Mall.

The next time I saw Olson he said he dropped her off at Richmond. I learned much later he killed Judy, then went on vacation the next day. Olson took Joan and little Clifford to Knotts Berry Farm near Los Angeles in the U.S. until July 21.


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