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The Monster of Florence

A Final Act of Depravity

The last known murder committed by the Monster of Florence occurred almost a year later on September. 8, 1985, when he murdered a French couple, 25-year-old Jean-Michel Kraveichvili and 36-year-old Nadine Mauriot as they camped in the San Casciano area just outside of Florence.  The womans body, which was discovered closed inside a tent, showed that she had been shot four times.  The first three bullets had penetrated her skull, while the forth went through her thorat.  Four bullets had also hit the male victim -- one in the mouth, two in the upper left arm, and one in the right elbow. 

According to reports by the pathologist, all of the shots were fired at a close range no more  than 15 to 20 inches.  The pathologist also surmised that the couple had been making love at the time they were ambushed.  The man was probably lying on his back with the woman on top of him.  The woman died from gunshot wounds while still inside the tent, but the man, who was only superficially wounded, had attempted to escape.  He succeeded in getting out of the tent and was able to run for approximately 30 yards before being overtaken by the killer and stabbed to death.  He was then thrown down a bank into the bushes where he was ultimately discovered.  Following the murder of the male victim, the killer entered the tent and decisively removed the womans vagina and left breast.  The pathologist estimated that the killer could have completed the operation within a 10-minute period.

Directly after the discovery of Jean-Michel and Nadine, investigators thought they had their first real lead when a copper-jacketed Winchester bullet was found on a sidewalk in front of a nearby hospital.  The hospitals proximity, together with the investigators theory of surgical gloves and a scalpel, led them to question members of the hospital staff.  Nonetheless, no suspects were discovered and the lead quickly fizzled.

On the day following the latest murders, an envelope was delivered to the public prosecutors office, addressed to assistant DA Silvia Della Monica.  The address on the envelope had been created using letters cut from a magazine or newspaper and contained a single spelling mistake.  Inside the envelope was a sheet of paper folded and glued at its edges, and inside the paper container was a small plastic bag.  The bag contained a cube of flesh from Nadine Mauriots left breast.