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The Capture of Serial Killer Arohn Kee

Flight to

By the time the test results were complete, Arohn Kee had been released without bail on the misdemeanor computer theft charge. Cops learned that he had gone to Brownsville, Brooklyn, and picked up his 16-year-old girlfriend, Angelique Stallings, for what her parents thought was a Valentine's Day date. Instead, Kee and Stallings boarded a Florida-bound bus in Newark, N.J. Detectives feared Stallings faced the same fate as the other victims.

Arohn Kee
Arohn Kee

After arriving in South Florida, Kee twice phoned another girlfriend in New York. By then his fugitive status as a suspected serial killer had made the news, and the second girlfriend phoned police with a tip that Kee was staying at the Miami Sun Hotel, two blocks from the beach on Northeast 1st Avenue in downtown Miami. Two New York detectives hurried there and staked out the hotel. When they spotted Kee and Stallings strolling inside, a Miami-Dade SWAT team was called in. They found Kee and Stallings hiding under a bed on the sixth floor.

After Kee was safely in custody, Joseph Reznick, a ranking New York police officer, told reporters, "Arohn Kee is every young lady's worst nightmare."

"Apparently, his girlfriend didn't know how dangerous he was and what kind of danger she was in," said Delrish Moss of the Miami-Dade police. "She had no clue he was wanted for those crimes."

Kee clammed up when detectives tried to question him about the East Harlem crimes, but police gleefully watched and listened from behind a two-way mirror when they allowed Stallings into the interview room for what the couple thought was a private goodbye. When Stallings demanded to know why he had committed the crimes, Kee said he had "bugged out" and had a "sickness."

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