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Maryland's Mother-Daughter Killings

A Crafty Criminal

According to law enforcement sources, Scott was as a "brilliant" criminal who had studied forensic textbooks and had changed his modus operandi to throw investigators off his trail. He was allegedly so well-versed in forensic science techniques that he was able to clean up crime scenes and used his knowledge to confuse detectives and to deceive an FBI profiler into believing that the crimes were not connected. Scott reportedly holds two master's degrees, one in information systems management from the University of Maryland, according to ABC News.

"While I don't want to glorify his intellectual capacity, I will tell you he is a challenge to us," Hylton said.

Investigators theorized that Scott had led a double life, working at a UPS sorting facility by day correcting addresses on packages that were returned as undeliverable, and allegedly carrying out criminal activities by night. Police alleged that he utilized his computer skills to research law enforcement forensic procedures to help him cover his tracks. Police also said that he may have used UPS databases to learn about his alleged victims, and investigators now believe he used bleach to clean his crime scenes and started fires to destroy evidence.

Those who worked alongside Scott at UPS were shocked at news of the charges he was facing. His coworkers said that he was quiet, and mostly kept to himself.

"He always came to work," said one coworker who did not want to be identified. "He was never anyone that caused any problems. If you asked him to do something, he did it. He was extremely fast at typing.  As far as employees go, he was pretty good... now that you think about it, it's scary."


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