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Maryland's Mother-Daughter Killings

Additional Evidence

Following the ATF search of Scott's house, Prince George's County police searched the residence again and recovered evidence that allegedly connected Scott to a December 2007 burglary in Mitchellville, a June 2008 burglary near Kettering, and a May 2009 burglary in Bowie, as well as other crimes.

A witness who reportedly assisted Scott with the gun sales and burglaries apparently agreed to help investigators and told them that he and Scott were also involved in a number of home invasions in 2008 and 2009.

Despite his previous statements to the contrary and the FBI profile indicating that the homicides were not the work of a serial killer, Chief Roberto Hylton now characterized Scott as a "serial killer."

Scott was also being investigated to determine whether he was responsible for the June 2008 killing of Vilma Artis Butler, a Bowie, Md., woman who was shot and her house set on fire. Police are also concerned that Scott may be responsible for additional unsolved killings in Washington, D.C., Texas and Florida, locations he is known to have visited, according to ABC News.

On the surface, much of the evidence against Scott appears to be circumstantial, although investigators have not released information on everything they have gathered so far. Chief Hylton has stated, however, that the evidence in the case is "overwhelming" and places Scott at the "crime scene." Hylton did not specify which crime scene, but added that anthropology and botany experts from the University of Maryland helped detectives with their investigation.


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