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Colin Ireland

The Story

The gaps between the murders began to close; on 4 June, just six days after he murdered Christopher Dunn, Ireland was again cruising for a victim at the Coleherne. This time it was to be thirty-five-year-old Perry Bradley III, son of a US congressman, himself a businessman from Texas and closet homosexual living in Kensington. Having met in the Coleherne, they returned to Bradley's flat, where Ireland soon suggested that he tie Bradley up. Bradley didn't like the idea: S&M wasn't his scene. To get his victim to comply, without suspicion, Ireland told him that without the S&M element he couldn't get aroused. Bradley was soon trussed up on the bed, face down, with a noose around his neck.

It was then that Ireland demanded his victim's money. "I told him I was just a professional thief and I just wanted money from him." He asked for his PIN number under threat of torture, telling him that he'd tortured another man with a cigarette lighter. Bradley, frightened and eager to co-operate, told him, "I'm quite happy to give you anything you want to know" and even offered to accompany him to the cash point, which Ireland said "wouldn't be allowed". After Bradley gave Ireland his PIN number, which Ireland later used to steal £200 (as well as taking £100 in cash from the flat), Ireland told Bradley that he might as well go to sleep, as he wouldn't be leaving for hours yet. Amazingly, Bradley did. "I sat there," Ireland told police, "and at one point I was thinking of letting him go. Then I thought, 'it's easier to kill him'." So, Ireland continued, "I put a noose around his neck and tied it to something... There was no way I could allow that man to wake up. That wasn't part of my plan anyway. My plan was to kill. While he was asleep I went round to his side of the bed." When he pulled the noose, his victim "hardly struggled." Ireland placed a doll on top of Bradley's body.

Again, after the murder, Ireland carefully cleaned up, "Anything I touched I put in a plastic carrier bag. In his flat there was a wine glass I had used and some food. I basically got rid of everything I had touched." He spent the remainder of the night listening to the radio and left the next morning. Once again, a different set of police investigated the murder, and the fact that it was part of a series went unnoted. No one remarked upon the similarities between the cases.


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