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The Soham Murders Trial


BBC News (November 6, 2003). "Soham trial: 'Crucial' phone evidence."

BBC News (November 6, 2003). "Huntley's hair 'found in girls' clothes'."

BBC News (November 24, 2003). "Huntley admits cutting up clothes."

BBC News (2003). "The Soham trial: Key evidence (the car)."

BBC News (November 25, 2003). "Girls 'died in Huntley's bathroom.'"

BBC News (November 27, 2003). "Carr said fake alibi was her idea."

BBC News (December 1, 2003). "Huntley admits 'I'm responsible.'"

BBC News (December 2, 2003). "Huntley 'invented defense to fit.'"

BBC News (December 2, 2003). "Huntley's anger at drowning claim."

BBC News (December 3, 2003). "Carr: I'd have been out like a shot."

BBC News (December 10, 2003). "Soham pair 'convincing liars.'"

BBC News (December 10, 2003). "Soham jury told 'resist pressure.'"

BBC News (December 11, 2003). "Maxine 'had an axe to grind'-judge."

BBC News (December 17, 2003). "Huntley found guilty of Soham murders."

BBC News (December 17, 2003). "How Huntley slipped through the net."

BBC News (December 17, 2003). "Previous allegations against Huntley."

BBC News (December 17, 2003). "Blunkett launches Huntley inquiry."

BBC News (March 11, 2004). "Police admit vetting weakness."

BBC News (September 13, 2004). "Chief constable returns to duties."

Jackson, Russell (July 19, 2004). "Huntley tells his parents that Jessica killing was deliberate." The Scotsman.

McVeigh, Karen (June 23, 2004). "Police chief blamed for failures over Soham killer." The Scotsman.

McVeigh, Karen (June 28, 2004). "Soham father defends embattled police chief." The Scotsman.

Nettleton, Phil (September 5, 2004). "Cop quiz Huntley over sex attack on girl of 11: New probe for Holly and Jessica beast." The People.

Nixson, Matt (September 5, 2004). "Huntley faces new police quiz over sex attack on 11-year old." The Mail on Sunday. (2004). Soham murders.

Yates, Nathan (July 19, 2004). "Huntley's jail confession over Jessica murder." The Mirror.

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