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The Soham Murders Trial

Huntley's Admission of Murder

In the midst of the controversy surrounding the inquiry into the Soham murders, Huntley allegedly made an unexpected confession from his jail cell in Belmarsh prison. According to Nathan Yates' July 19, 2004 article in The Mirror, Huntley's parents claimed that their son admitted to them that he deliberately killed Jessica Chapman. The article quoted Huntley's father, Kevin, saying, "He told us how he did it. He needs to tell us more about what happened to Holly." The couple is hoping that their son will come clean about how the girls died so that Jessica and Holly's family's can finally know the truth.

Russell Jackson reported in a July 19, 2004 Scotsman article that there is a possibility that the confession was recorded on the prison's surveillance equipment. Jackson quoted a spokesman for the Cambridge police saying that they were, "keen to examine any fresh information" regarding the case. It is unclear whether Huntley's admission of guilt would lead to perjury charges, since his confession directly contradicts his trial testimony.    

In September 2003, Huntley faced even more problems when one of his earliest victims threatened to pursue legal action against him for sexually assaulting her seven years earlier when she was 11-years-old. Hailey Edwards, now 18, claimed that Huntley repeatedly attacked her when she was with him in the woods close to her home in Humberston, Matt Nixson of The Mail reported on September 5, 2004. Edwards, who feared for her life at the time, waited more than half a year before filing a report with the police. An investigation was launched, yet there was not enough evidence to proceed with the case.

Edwards suffered psychologically since the attack and wants to make certain Huntley is brought to justice. According to Nixson's article, Edwards was quoted saying, "I will do everything I can to make sure he gets to court to explain what he did to me. I think if it comes to that I will be able to get closure and try to move on." The police have since questioned Huntley about the attack and a decision will be made by the Crown Prosecution Service to consider whether to charge him, Phil Nettleton reported in a September 5, 2004 The People article. The chances of Huntley ever being released from prison will significantly diminish if he is charged and found guilty of the assault. At least, that is what many people hope.

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