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The Bayou Serial Killer

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Ronald J. Dominique is charged with murder in Houma, Louisiana. Police say that he has admitted to 23 murders in the area, and the FBI has labeled him as one of the most active serial killers in the country.

The A-Bear motel was the place where one of Ronald Dominique's victims was able to get away by jumping out a window.

Attorney General Les Bonanno congratulates the Task Force for their success in arresting the Bayou Serial Killer.

Chief Pat Boudreaux came out in April of 2005 to warn the public of a possible serial killer living in the area around Houma, Louisiana.

Police Chief Pat Boudreaux after the press conference in 2006.

Reporter and Author Chuck Hustmyre stands next to the victims' photo gallery that was shown on the day of the press release.

Terrebonne Parish District Attorney Joe Waitz, Jr. announced at the press conference that they would seek the death penalty in this case.

Ronald Dominique is escorted by police. Using a cane heavily as he was moved from one police area to another, he didn't seem to be capable of the murders of so many men. Two days before, he seemed to not to need the cane for the mile walk to the local store.

The family of Nicholas Pellegrin, one of the victims of the Bayou serial killer, was interviewed by local news Channel 10 WHTV. Nicholas' mother hoped for the death penalty for the man who killed her son.

The FBI Agent assigned to the Task Force in the Bayou area was Jim Bernazzani. At the press conference, his statement to the public was that the reason it is so hard to catch a serial killer is that they look and act just like everyone else, and that all should remain vigilant.

Raymond Berg is the Assistant Manager of the Bunk House, and told us that there didn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary about Ronald Dominique; he was quiet and kept mostly to himself.

Ronnie's Lounge is a local bar just over the bridge from Houma's center, where Ronald Dominique tried to borrow money after being thrown out of his current digs.

Ronnie Abear runs Ronnie's Lounge in Houma. Just before Mr. Dominique's arrest, he had asked to borrow money from the bar-owner, so that he could pay an advance on a room at the Bunk House, just a short walk from the door.

Sheriff Harry Lee's office in Jefferson Parish had the most up-to-date lab in the area, and as part of the Task Force, was able to bring the best in forensics to the investigation.

The banner of Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Office hangs on the wall where the press conference took place. Terrebonne Parish is the center of the area in Houma, and hosted the media conference.

Sheriff Jerry Larpenter explained part of how the task force developed their case against Ronald Dominique. Most surprising to them was that he claimed responsibility for all 23 murders in a confession.

Some of the Task Force members pose with the victim photo board after the press conference.

Terrebonne Parish Court House, where at least some of the murder cases pending against Ronald Dominique will take place.

The Bunk House is a small building that houses the homeless in Houma, Louisiana. The patrons pay a small fee to reside overnight, sometimes sharing rooms.

Some of the victims of the Bayou Serial Killer, Ronald Dominique. Photos were released at a press conference held on Monday, December 4, 2006.

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