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Harrison Graham: The Corpse Collector

History of Problems

Marty's mother, Lillian Graham Jeter, 45, was located, but she said that she'd asked him to leave because of his drug habit.  She did provide one bit of information: He'd told her several months earlier that his girlfriend Mary was pregnant. Then on July 4, he said that the baby had died. Another woman, Robin DeShazor, had lived with Graham in her home a few years earlier.  She, too, was a drug addict, and they'd gone together to the third-floor apartment on North 19th Street.  Lillian added that Marty had been diagnosed with a mental disorder when he was twelve and had been hospitalized for two years.  He was also classified as learning-disabled and had lived in a foster home for a while.

The men who had evicted Marty were questioned as well.  "He didn't say nothin' when I told him to leave," remarked one of them, although he admitted that initially Graham would not let them inside.  "I heard him moving things around in there.  I head some banging noises, like hammering."  When he left, Graham took a water bottle, clothing and a few bags.  He was wearing white pants, a striped jacket, and a cap, and he had his raggedy blue Cookie Monster.

Investigators compiled a profile.  They learned was that Graham often took long walks and played basketball with local kids.  He liked to entertain them with his Cookie Monster.  Other neighbors said he was a loner, but when he got drunk, he'd act a "little crazy," doing things like dance in the streets.  No one interviewed immediately after the discovery reported aggression on his part, but eventually several women said that's he'd tried to rape them or hit them on the head.  A drug user, who wanted to remain anonymous, told reporters that a person could get any kind of drugs in Marty's apartment.  She had assumed that the foul odor in there was due to toilets not working and mounds of trash lying around.  The landlord reported that he always paid his $90 per month rent, and that his income of $300 a month came from Social Security disability funds.

Whoever Marty was, he remained a mystery for the time being as he continued to elude the police.


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