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Harrison Graham: The Corpse Collector

Charnel House

The place was small each room was 10 by 12 feet but it contained a lot of trash.  The forensics team searched through the debris with care.  Johnson had sent for the medical examiner, who did not usually come to routine death scenes, but this one was unfolding in a way that set it apart from the norm. 

The fifth body was found around 5:30, pulled out of another area of debris, but the peculiar detail about this one was that he or she (they couldn't tell) had been sandwiched between two mattresses and clearly had been there a long time.  The searchers wondered if the evicted tenant had actually slept on the top mattress with the victim underneath. 

Thunder cracked as the team went through the debris.  For the next several hours, the investigators brought in more lights and kept going through the disgusting contents of the rooms. It appeared as though the tenant had resided in one room and had kept the adjoining room as his own private mausoleum.  In the front room, it seemed that he'd been preparing to erect a new wall.  The place was small each room about 10 by 12 feet but the search was painstaking.  Another two hours went by before the sixth body was located, crammed inside a tiny 6-inch-deep closet, sitting up, wrapped in a sheet and tied with white electrical cord.


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