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Harrison Graham: The Corpse Collector


Joel Moldovsky had honed his defense in preparation for how he was going to fight for his client: It wasn't just insanity, he said, it was multiple personalities.  Harrison Frank Graham, Jr., according to the Daily News, was presented as having three distinct personalities. "Frank" was a foulmouthed drug addict and murderer; "Junior" was an unmanageable two-year-old who adored the Cookie Monster, and "Marty" was the likeable handyman who worshipped his mother and had complied with the police to confess to the murders.  Graham had apparently fought with another inmate and blamed it on "Frank."  King dismissed all of this by saying that Graham was just a streetwise faker.

Graham's mother believed in his innocence throughout; she said that she'd never have turned him in if she believed he would be convicted.  It was her contention that he could not have purchased the blankets and sheets in which the bodies had been wrapped, so he did not kill them.  Someone else did.

On March 8, Graham waived his right to a jury trial and chose to have the judge decide his case.  Apparently his attorney and his mother had convinced him that a jury would be offended by the graphic evidence and would then be less objective than the judge.  Latrone had already heard much of the evidence, so the duration of the trial would be considerably shorter than expected.


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