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Harrison Graham: The Corpse Collector


Cynthia Brooks
Cynthia Brooks

Graham's former girlfriend, Robin DeShazor, was among them.  Another was Cynthia Brooks, 28, and the identified victim, Mary Jeters. Graham also indicated that he'd strangled Barbara Mahoney, 22, and Patricia Franklin, 24.  Some he had lived with, and others he had lured there with the promise of drugs.  He hadn't known the names of two victims whom he'd encountered in the streets (one was Sandra Garvin, 33).  His MO had been to get them high with drugs and alcohol and then strangle them while having consensual sex.  Afterward, he'd fall asleep and wake up to find the woman next to him, dead.  It always surprised him.

Barbara Mahoney
Barbara Mahoney

He indicated that they'd all been killed that year, beginning in January, although this would come into question.  "It was just something that started to happen," he commented, and once he started, he couldn't stop.  The first time, with DeShazor, he hadn't known what to do with the body, so he'd left it in the apartment.  When he brought another woman up, he hid DeShazor's corpse by shoving it out onto a roof reachable from his back window.  He'd actually told another live-in girlfriend about it some time later, and she'd seen it.  She had threatened to tell the police if he did not move it, so he'd taken the head and torso to another building, but had left some of the remains behind in a bag.  While the body had been there, he told officers, birds had come pecking, which had bothered him a bit.  But he hadn't minded the maggots. 


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