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David Russell Williams: The Kinky Killer Colonel

The Disappearance of Jessica Lloyd

Jessica Lloyd Missing poster
Jessica Lloyd Missing poster

Jessica Lloyd, 27, lived alone on rural Highway 37, between Belleville and Tweed. On January 29, 2010, she didn't show up for her job at Tri-Board Student Transportation Services, where was an administrator of a school bus line. Coworkers called her family, who rushed to her house.

Lloyd's purse, containing her wallet, identification and glasses, lay in the driveway next to her car, but she wasn't there. Police wouldn't find her body until February 8.

Col. David Russell Williams was on one of his diligent runs when he had seen her in late January. She was exercising on a treadmill in her basement.

A few nights later, Williams broke in as she slept. He followed what was becoming his usual routine: He bound her, put duct tape over her eyes, and assaulted her, all while snapping photos and recording video footage.

Jessica Lloyd
Jessica Lloyd

He raped her at her home, then drove her to his Cosy Cove Lane cottage and attacked her again there. He made her shower in front of him. As she shivered in the bathtub, she begged him for clothes and pleaded for him to take her to the hospital. She warned him that she was going to die.

"Hang in there, baby," he told her. "Hang in there."

She complied with all of his requests, alternately begging for her life and pleading with him to tell her mother that she loved her. He made her model lingerie for his snapshots, and fed her some fruit to keep her going. But then he struck her from behind with a flashlight, and strangled her to death. He then moved her lifeless body to his garage before dumping on a rural road a few minutes from his cottage.

Later that morning, Williams piloted a troop flight to California. He must have thought he'd gotten away with it once again.

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