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Another Chilling Discovery

Two months after the discovery of John Doe number two, on March 7, 1996, a Cape Coral man traveling down Route 75 in North Port pulled off onto Laramie Circle. The man got out of his vehicle to relieve himself in the woods, but as he made his way past the tree line he was shocked to discover a nude male corpse lying on the ground. The man quickly contacted the North Port Police Department.

Florida Map
Florida map showing general area where bodies were discovered

When investigators arrived at the scene they cordoned off the area with crime scene tape and began to search for clues the killer might have left behind. The corpse appeared as though it had been posed face-up, in the shape of a cross. The only telltale sign investigators found were rope marks on a nearby tree.

The medical examiner later determined the victim had been murdered just 10 days before discovery. The man's corpse bore four stab wounds and his genitals had been amputated. Cuts and scrapes were found on the feet of the victim and slash marks were visible on the upper torso. Investigators surmised that the man had attempted to flee from the killer just prior to his death. The medical examiner also noted rope-like marks, suggesting the victim had been tied up before death.

Investigators had no leads and no information to help them identity their latest John Doe. A composite sketch was drawn up and the victim was described as a white male, with auburn hair, between 35 and 45 years old, approximately 5 feet, 6 inches tall, with a muscular build and bad teeth.

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