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John Norman Collins: The Co-Ed Killer


The primary sources for the article are:

Clippings from The Ann Arbor News, Ypsilanti Press, Detroit News, and Detroit Free Press, 1967-72.

The Michigan Murders, Edward Keyes (Pocket, 1976). This is the only full-length nonfiction work devoted to the Collins case, although Collins and all of his victims are referred to under pseudonyms.

A chapter in The Psychic World of Peter Hurkos, by Norma Lee Browning (NAL/Signet, 1970), which credits Hurkos with a bit too much, but is insightful, nevertheless.

A chapter in Killer among Us: Public Reaction to Serial Murder by Joseph C. Fisher.

The author's own memories from living in Ann Arbor at the time Collins was at large.

Secondary sources:

A brief summary in Killers among Us: Serial Murderers of the 20th Century by Colin Wilson (Warner, 1995).

Encyclopedia of Serial Killers by Brian Lane and Wilfred Gregg (Headline Books, 1992).