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The Clairemont Killer

Collection of Clues

Officers arrived to close off the crime scene and they quickly located several key pieces of evidence. A shoeprint near the door was clearly that of a male athletic shoe — a Nike Air Jordan —  and it did not match any from Holly's brother's closet. A bloody impression from a knife was lifted from the doorjamb, and a T-shirt and blood-stained knife were found dumped in a parking lot outside. The knife had come from the apartment and blood on the shirt would prove to be from Holly.

Nike Air Jordan Shoe, Similar
Nike Air Jordan Shoe, Similar

In response to Tammy's description of what she had witnessed, detectives checked the sign-in sheet of the weight room. Both girls' names were on it, as was Holly's brother and one more name: C. Prince. They soon learned the full name: Cleophus Prince, Jr.

Cleophus Prince, Jr.
Cleophus Prince, Jr.

Within a day, the police had located Prince and asked him about his presence at the apartment complex. He said that he'd worked out until around noon and then went back to his apartment to get ready for work. He left at ten minutes to two in the afternoon. He refused to be fingerprinted, and since there was no definite evidence against him, the police could not arrest him.

At this time, Prince shared an apartment with Robert and Robin Romo. That April, he told them that he'd been on a date with a woman, adding that he had raped her afterward. He'd made her cry and had then raped her again. When Robin told him about the recent murder at the Buena Vista Gardens complex, he said he had seen the victim at the pool that morning. Prince's friends did not realize he'd done more than see her. Shortly thereafter, Prince moved out. After that, no one was killed in the Buena Vista Gardens complex. But the attacks did not stop; they just changed location.


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