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Ciudad Juarez:The Serial Killer's Playground


Adams, Lisa. Vagina Monologues author embraces Mexico City; decries string of murders in border city. Associated Press (February 7, 2003).

Another body found in violent Mexican border city that is site or rape-murders. Associated Press (November 20, 2001).

Body of 5-year-old girl found in Ciudad Juarez. Associated Press (February 20, 2003).

Brooks, Karen. Juarez fears serial killer is still on the loose. Fort Worth Star-Telegram (November 21, 2001).

Bustos, Sergio. Juarez murder protesters reach D.C. Associated Press (August 15, 2002).

Defendant sentenced to 20 years in Mexican border killings of women. Associated Press (February 25, 2003).

Defense, prosecution to appeal in Juarez murder case. Associated Press (February 26, 2003).

Diebel, Linda. Juarez deaths: signs of progress. Toronto  Star (July 11, 1999). 187 deaths now linked to Railway Killer. Toronto Star (July 6, 1999).

Three killers thought to be behind Juarez slayings. Toronto Star (August 21, 1999).

Discovery of eight more bodies reignites terror in violent Mexican border city. Associated Press (November 8, 2001).

Fox fails to ask FBIs assistance. El Paso Times (June 24, 2002).

Free trade slums turn city into serial killers amusement park. Associated Press (December 28, 2002).

Experts sent to Juarez to ID bodies. Associated Press (September 13, 2002).

Garza, Adolfo. Mexican murder cases highlighted. Associated Press (April 7, 1999).

Luhnow, David. Death toll mounts for women in Mexican city. Reuters (June 10, 1998).

Madigan, Tim. Who is killing the women of Juarez? Fort Worth Star-Telegram (March 28, 1999).

Man accused of killing eight women in Mexican border town dies in jail. Associated Press (February 9, 2003).

Merchants say cross in memory of slain Ciudad Juarez women bad for image. Associated Press (September 23, 2002).

Mexicos first lady calls for end to slayings of women in Ciudad Juarez. Associated Press (November 25, 2002).

Mexicos murder town. BBC News (September 8, 1999).

Officials ID 3 teens found dead in Juarez. Associated Press (February 19, 2003).

Police find another body on border. Associated Press (October 5, 1998).

Police probe murder as part of Juarez sex slayings. Reuters (March 22, 1999).

Quintanilla, Ray. Murder spree in Juarez staggers the mind. Chicago Tribune (September 29, 2002).

Rodriguez, Brenda. Latest killings stoke fear in border city. Dallas Morning News (February 19, 2002).

Sandoval, Ricardo. Killings of dozens of women still unsolved in Juarez. Detroit Free Press (December 9, 1998).

San Martin, Nancy. A year later, no answers. Dallas Morning News (December 12, 2000).

FBI to aid Mexican police in series of unsolved killings. Dallas Morning News (February 5,


Rape suspect may be linked to killings. Dallas Morning News (March 20, 1999).

Sheridan, Mary. The deaths that haunt Juarez. Los Angeles Times (May 12, 1999).

Slayings in Ciudad Juarez may never be solved. Associated Press (June 24, 2002).

Stevenson, Mark. Mexican border city doubts police have caught serial killers. Associated Press (December 31, 2001).

Mexico rape deaths probe criticized. Associated Press (May 24, 2998).

Teen latest victim of Mexico border killings. Reuters (February 17, 1999).

Tuckman, Jo. Deadly frontier. The Guardian (March 25, 2002).

Two arrested in Mexico rapes, murders. Associated Press (November 12, 2001).

Valdez, Diana. Another womans body found on Juarez border. El Paso Times (October 9, 2002).

DNA tests identify 1 of 8 bodies found in Juarez lot. El Paso Times (November 5, 2002).

Families, some officials suspect police are involved. El Paso Times (June 24, 2002).

Families, officials claim cover-ups keep killings from being solved. El Paso Times (July 21, 2002).

FBI aid asked in Juarez killings. El Paso Times (September 6, 2002).

FBI seeks binational task force in Juarez slayings. El Paso Times (July 18, 2002)

Hopeful young women perish in city of broken dreams. El Paso Times (July 21, 2002).

Jailed suspect Sharif remains in Mexican jail. El Paso Times (June 24, 2002).

Juarez mayor names new chief of police. El Paso Times (February 5, 2003).

Latest discovery of bodies fuels fears anew in Juarez. El Paso Times (July 21, 2002).

Mexican police scoff at FBI report. El Paso Times (June 24, 2002).

Teens find 4 womens bodies in desert area. El Paso Times (February 18, 2003).

Whos guilty? A look at suspects. El Paso Times (June 24, 2002).

Weissert, Will. Mexicos Fox orders slayings probe. Associated Press (December 13, 2001).

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Whos killing the women of Juarez? National Public Radio News (February 22, 2003).

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