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Serial Killer Andrew Urdiales

The One Who Got Away


In one part of his confession, Urdiales described for the detectives the ordeal through which he had put Jennifer Asbenson before deciding that he would attempt to kill her. He said that after having offered Asbenson a ride to work that fateful September evening in 1992, he had asked her for her telephone number, and she had given him one. Problem was, he said, it had been a "bum" number that wasn't hers: he had tried calling her after dropping her off at work. He had stewed about it during the night, and, while waiting for her to get off work so he could offer to take her to breakfast and give her a ride home, he said, he had begun "feeling upset about the number or something...something was just kind of building up, you know. Tension." He had remained, nonetheless, and made his offer, which she accepted,

Jennifer Asbenson
Jennifer Asbenson
At one point while they were driving, Urdiales said, he had reached over and grabbed Asbenson by her hair and showed her a gun, after which she had become "pretty much submissive from that part forward." He forced her to turn around, called her a lot of unpleasant names, and tied her hands behind her back.

"I think," he said, "before we started moving after I tied her hands up, I reached over and I kissed her. I just put my lips on her mouth and then I just started, you know, I was trying to make out with her."

Urdiales, at another point, forced Asbenson to perform oral sex on him, according to court documents that depict many of Urdiales' statements to the police. However, Urdiales failed to attain an erection, both when he forced Asbenson—who feared for her life—to perform oral sex and when he attempted to rape her after cutting off her clothes and undergarments. Livid, Urdiales began to choke Asbenson.

"She kept kicking and...her saliva was coming out of her mouth...her face was turning blue and then red," Urdiales said. "It was just a battle for awhile."

After his hand had become tired from choking her, Urdiales said, he had forced Asbenson out of the car and threatened her so that she would make another oral sex attempt. Failing again in that regard, he said, he had forced Asbenson into the trunk of his car and had driven off. When Asbenson had escaped, he said, his first thought had been to shoot her, but he had driven away instead because of the presence of too many other vehicles on the roadway.

"So that was the last time I saw her," Urdiales told the detectives. "I don't know if somebody else picked her up and finished [what] I started."

However, in contrast to Urdiales' version of events, Asbenson testified in court that Urdiales had been successful in his attempt to rape her after cutting off her clothes.

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