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Lynn Huber


Lynn Huber
Lynn Huber
Urdiales then told the detectives about the murder of Lynn Huber, his seventh murder victim, whom he had met during the summer of 1996. Huber, he said, had been working as a prostitute in Chicago. As with Uylaki, Urdiales said that he and Huber had had sex on two occasions. On an evening in late July or early August 1996, Urdiales said that he had seen Huber carrying a large garbage bag, and that he had stopped and offered her a ride, and she had accepted. The detectives recalled that Huber's body had been found on August 2, 1996. As Urdiales continued with his account, he said that he had driven into an alley where he and Huber could have sex. He claimed she had begun arguing with him and started "acting kind of ditzy" before trying to get out of the truck. Urdiales said that he had grabbed her and had shot her in the head with the gun he kept under the driver's seat.

After he'd killed her, Urdiales said, he had placed her body in the bed of the truck, and driven it to Wolf Lake. As he had removed Huber's clothing, he said, he had pricked his finger with a needle. He said that pricking his finger had made him angry, prompting him to take a knife and stab the body. He said that he had stabbed Huber "a lot of times" in the back, and afterward had shot her again. He then had taken her nude body and thrown it in the lake, and left with the garbage bag that Huber had been carrying. After he had examined its contents and discovered that it contained clothing, Urdiales had taken the clothes that Huber had been wearing, along with the clothing in the plastic bag, and given them all to the Salvation Army because Huber "won't need them anymore."

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