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Laura Uylaki


Laura Uylaki
Laura Uylaki
Urdiales explained to McGrath and Krakausky that he had met Laura Uylaki sometime during the winter of 1996, and that they had gone out on dates a few times. He said that they'd had sex on two occasions at Wolf Lake, using a sleeping bag Urdiales said he kept in the in the back of the truck, according to court records. It had been in April 1996, he said, that he picked up Uylaki and they again went to Wolf Lake. Along the way, an argument broke out between them. When they arrived at Wolf Lake, Urdiales took his .38-caliber revolver, which was loaded, from beneath the driver's seat and was "showing it to Laura" when it went off and shot a hole in the roof of his pickup.

"Laura got mad and all hell broke loose," Urdiales told the cops.

Urdiales said that Uylaki had attempted to grab his gun, and had broken his left index finger during the struggle. Unable to gain control of the situation, Uylaki had jumped out of the truck and had tried to run away. Following her, Urdiales said, he had fired a couple of rounds in Uylaki's direction as he had chased her. After she fell to the ground, Urdiales had gone over to her and determined that she was dead. It had been then, he said, that he had made the decision to toss her body into the lake. Before throwing her body in the lake, Urdiales said, he had undressed her and taken her clothes with him. On the drive back to Chicago, he said, he had thrown the clothes out of the truck from the passenger side.

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