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Serial Killer Andrew Urdiales

Denise Maney


Three years after the kidnapping, rape and attempted murder of Jennifer Asbenson, Urdiales returned to Palm Springs for a vacation in March 1995 and picked up prostitute Denise Maney in the same area where he had previously picked up McGhee and Erwin, according to court documents. Urdiales described how he had driven Maney into the desert, eventually turning off onto a deserted side road where he had stopped and ordered her to take off her clothes and perform oral sex on him. After getting "tired" of the oral sex, he said, he had grabbed Maney by her hair and forced her to go to the front of his car and lie face down on the ground. After tying her hands behind her back, he had forced her to perform fellatio again. Because he "wasn't really feeling satisfied," he had forced her onto her knees and abused her anally with his fingers, causing her to scream from the pain.

Denise Maney
Denise Maney
"And that went on for awhile," he said. "I just kept doing that to her."

Tiring of abusing Maney, Urdiales said, he had forced her to walk toward the desert. At one point they stopped, she turned around, and he forced the gun into her mouth.

"And then it went off," he related. He said it blew off the back of Maney's head. "Then she fell and she was still...gurgling...making a lot of noises."

Urdiales said he had gotten back in his car and started to drive away, but stopped and returned to where Maney lay dying.

"I didn't really think," he said. "I just kind of like wiped clean my hand...and I stopped, turned around and I went back to her."

By this time, he said, he had become "angry" and "very upset," and took out his knife. When he described his next actions, he began using both the singular pronoun "I" and the plural pronoun "we," prompting some people, including Robbin Brandley's relatives, to later question whether he may have been assisted by another person in carrying out his gruesome crimes.

"We took the knife out and we went back where she was lying...we just started stabbing for some reason," he told the cops, according to court records. "Just on the body several times, in the chest maybe, stomach...I remember I made a slashing motion by the throat...then we went back to the car. And I—we—we picked up her clothes. Then we were driving, we just started driving."

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