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Serial Killer Andrew Urdiales

A Lucky Break


On November 14, 1996, Hammond, Indiana patrol officer Warren Fryer stopped a man driving a pickup truck after observing that the driver was parked outside a suspected crack house on the 800 block of Becker Street with a prostitute known to the police. As a precaution, Fryer called for backup and waited for additional police to arrive before moving on the suspicious person. When officers approached the pickup, according to Fryer, the driver, Andrew Urdiales, 31, was "cooperative." As Fryer spoke with him and Urdiales explained that he had served in the Marines, he noticed a revolver inside the pickup and loudly yelled, "Gun!" to his fellow officers.

Andrew Urdiales
Andrew Urdiales
The revolver, retrieved by another officer, was a snub-nosed, chrome-plated .38 special, and the officer noted that it was fully loaded with six bullets. Since Urdiales did not have a permit for the gun, he was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon and the revolver was confiscated.

As the pickup was being prepared to be towed, Fryer and the other officers noticed that the vehicle, inside and out, was "spotlessly clean." Fryer also noted that the truck bed and the cab "were as clean as you would wash the outside of your if they had come out of the showroom." Rolls of duct tape were also found inside the vehicle.

Urdiales was soon released on the concealed weapon charge, but was later convicted of a misdemeanor for the unauthorized possession of a handgun.

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