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The Case Gets Bigger

International press had reported on the graphic details that Koli might have eaten the organs of some of his victims, and the police gave out the story that they had found pieces of human flesh in the refrigerator of his bungalow.  The Indo Asian News Service posted an article in January that Koli had admitted to the murders of twenty women and children, and had said he suffered from a compulsion that made him want to kill yet again.  As his interrogation grew more graphic, the CBI posted armed guards around him, as if they feared he might suddenly attack one of them or escape.  Since he showed the signs of a psychopath, they invited area psychologists to take part.

Surender Koli
Surender Koli

The CBI announced that the results of the initial set of narco-analyses of both suspects were "incomplete," starting rumors that they had been administered with incorrect procedure.  Apparently both suspects had given contradictory statements, although it was not clear whether each had contradicted himself or they had contradicted each other.  Thus, both men were put through a second round of lie-detector tests 

Reportedly, the CBI did learn that Koli had consistently paid money to local police officials to avoid being arrested in the last two years, a truth that could result in the arrests of several officers.  As reporters awaited the interrogation results, they questioned experts on this type of crime, asking whether serial killers could work in tandem.

Dr N. Rangarajan
Dr N. Rangarajan

"They are most likely driven by personal motives," said Dr N. Rangarajan, a prominent psychiatrist based in Chennai.  He pointed out that it wasn't unheard of to see two men killing together. "In this case, it is probably coincidence, where an ordinary employer-employee relationship developed into a mutually beneficial one. The affluent one with the power and confidence to blatantly express himself, and the other, also with poor scruples and a dark side to match his master's, and who got the chance to find a dangerous outlet."

By mid-February 2007, reports indicated that Koli had confessed to sexually assaulting sixteen children, and all of the victims had been identified.  His first was a 14-year-old girl whom he killed and sexually assaulted two years earlier, in February 2005. After that, he said, he would kill another child about every month or every other month.  He stopped for six months only because laborers were constructing servant quarters at the residence where he worked. There are two other child murders in which he is suspected but which he has not admitted, and officials believe he might be confused about their identities.  Among the victims are boys whom he might have thought were girls when he lured them.

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