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Timothy McVeigh & Terry Nichols: Oklahoma Bombing

Bad Day Dawning

To view documents, trial transcripts and news reports pertaining to the Oklahoma Bombing case click on the links below:

From Court TV
Request to End Appeals: Timothy McVeigh's request to end the appeals process and have an execution date set

Execution Invitation: The form sent to survivors and family of victims of the Oklahoma City bombing to accept or reject an invitation to attend McVeigh's execution

Sentencing: Transcript from McVeigh's sentencing hearing

Trial Transcripts: Daily, undedited transcripts from Timothy McVeigh's trial

Court Documents: A collection of court documents, including FBI affidavits, indictments and pre-trial hearing transcripts

Important Trial Figures: Information about the defense and prosecution attorneys and the judge in the McVeigh trial

Nichols' Trial: A report about the trial of McVeigh's co-conspirator Terry Nichols

Daily Updates: Daily updates of the Terry Nichols' trial

More Information: A list of internet sites which feature important information about the Oklahoma City bombing case

From The Smoking Gun
Autopsy Agreement: The agreement signed by McVeigh to ensure his body would not be autopsied after his execution

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