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Paul Bernardo & Karla Homolka

Photo Gallery

A younger Karla Homolka.

A younger Paul Bernardo.

Karla gave her younger sister Tammy's virginity to Paul as a Christmas present. Tammy is their first victim.

Paul and Karla's wedding day.

Paul and Karla marry and move to their own house — the house where they would imprison their victims.

Leslie Mahaffy, the first murder.

Kristen French, the second known murder.

Police search for a Camaro after the abduction of Kristen French.

Paul Bernardo, in police custody, exits a paddy wagon.

Paul, it turns out, is physically abusive to Karla too.

Paul Bernardo, rapist and serial killer, in police custody.

Karla Homolka, cold-blooded killer or battered wife?

Joliette Prison barracks, where Karla Homolka was incarcerated.

Karla homolka as she might look today with dark hair.

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