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Paul Bernardo & Karla Homolka

Jane, the Wedding Gift

Karla was obsessed with Paul's happiness. Her greatest fear was that she would not be able to hold onto this wild and thrilling man who was to become her husband. When he would become bored or distracted, she would either do something to excite him or find another person for him to get excited about. Paul harped continually that Tammy was no longer available to him for his sexual pleasure and blamed Karla for causing her death. Karla searched for a replacement for Tammy — someone very young and virginal. Karla knew just the right person, a teenager we'll call Jane, who looked very much like Karla's dead sister, Tammy. Jane would be Karla's wedding gift to Paul.

House at 57 Bayview
House at 57 Bayview

Jane idolized Karla as a beautiful, sophisticated role model and gratefully accepted Karla's invitation to the Bernardos' new home they rented at 57 Bayview. The first evening, Karla took Jane to dinner and spent hours talking to her and plying her with sweet alcoholic drinks, laced with Halcion tablets. Jane passed out and slept deeply.

Once Jane was soundly asleep, Karla called Paul over for his surprise gift. How delighted he was when he saw how much Jane resembled Tammy. He was a bit concerned that Karla was using the same drug that killed Tammy to subdue Jane, but Karla convinced him that she was in control of the situation this time.

Once they undressed Jane, Paul videotaped Karla as she made sexual overtures to the sleeping girl. Then Paul took her virginity. With that accomplished and memorialized in the videotape, he moved on to his favorite fun — a brutal kind of anal sex. Fortunately for Jane, she was so drugged that she did not wake up during the whole disgusting ordeal.

Karla was left to clean the blood off the 15-year-old girl and put her to bed for the night. The next morning, Jane, who was very sick to her stomach and understandably sore, met Paul — she thought for the first time. She had no idea what had really happened to her.

While Paul seemed very grateful for the gift of Jane's virginity and was continually amazed at the things Karla would do for him, he was having second thoughts about marrying her. She was, after all, getting old, having already passed her 21st birthday and she was a far cry from being the virgin for which he lusted.

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