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Paul Bernardo & Karla Homolka

A Lavish Wedding

Karla and Paul on their wedding day in the limo
Karla and Paul on their wedding day in
the limo

Despite his concerns, he went through with it and married Karla in a huge, lavish wedding. "Their wedding was going to be perfect. The historic church in Niagara-on-the-Lake with the white horses and the carriage, champagne, a sit-down dinner for one hundred and fifty guests with veal-stuffed pheasant at Queen's Landing, no expense spared." (Stephen Williams)

Paul had carefully controlled every detail of the wedding from Karla's $US 2,000 wedding dress to her hairstyle to the menu and to the inclusion of "love, honor and obey" in Karla's wedding vow. He would not allow the minister to pronounce them "husband and wife." It had to be "man and wife."

Paul and Karla on a carriage ride
Paul and Karla on a carriage ride

Scott Burnside & Alan Cairns wrote in Deadly Innocence: "If it was to be a grand wedding, then people could be expected to donate money and gifts on a similarly grand scale. Paul viewed the entire process as a great business opportunity. 'If I spend fifty dollars a plate, I expect to get a hundred dollars a person,' the junior accountant proclaimed. He told them he'd set a goal of realizing $50,000 from the wedding."

Interestingly, the Paul Bernardo that married Karla that day was a very different Paul Bernardo that was born into the world in 1964.

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