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Operation Omega

Operation Omega was growing in size and resources. It had expanded to some two hundred detectives. With the city in the midst of panic, being assigned to the Omega task force was considered an honor. Catching the perpetrator of six murderous assaults would mean tremendous awards for the detectives involved — and they knew it. It was an extra incentive to put in long hours to catch this nut.

Such long hours, however, brought frayed nerves. Detectives were at each others' throats over trivialities, relationships with wives and children were severely strained. Caffeine and alcohol consumption increased. Cots were put in the Omega headquarters station so that the officers could grab at least a few hours of sleep before they started again.

Several very talented players joined Operation Omega: In addition to Captain Joe Borrelli, there was Sergeant Joseph Coffey and Detective Redmond Keenan. Keenan's daughter Rosemary was present at one of these assaults when her date was seriously injured. All in all, Operation Omega comprised the cream of New York City detectives with a strong sense of mission.


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