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Ann Rule: Revealing the Strangers Beside Us

Book Titles by Ann Rule


Every Breath You Take: A True Story of Obsession, Revenge, and Murder: 

"If anything ever happens to me, promise me that you will see that there is an investigation....And find Ann Rule and ask her to write my story," Sheila Blackthorne Bellush told her sister after she divorced multimillionaire Allen Blackthorne. Now, in perhaps the first book ever written at a victim's request, America's Number One bestselling true-crime writer, Ann Rule, untangles a horrific web of lies that culminated in Sheila's savage murder more than ten years after she left Blackthorne.


The End of the Dream: 

Rule continues her blockbuster Crime Files series with a riveting case drawn from her true crime dossier: the explosive story of four talented and charismatic young men — best friends whose bond was shattered when one among them was consumed by lethal greed and twisted desire.


Empty Promises: And Other True Cases: 

Expertyly analyzing a shocking, headline-making case, Rule unmasks the deadly motives inside a seemingly idyllic marriage: a beautiful young wife, a rising star in America's top-ranked computer corporation, and a prosperous husband, the scion of a family building business. With an adorable son and a gorgeous home, the couple seemed to have it all. But a furtive evil permeated their days and nights, dragging them into a murky world of drugs, sordid sex, and con operations. In this realm, one of them would prove to be a virtual innocent, the other a manipulator with no conscience. Sudden, violent death brought their charade of a fairy-tale romance to a tragic end—with a brutal crime taht might never have come to light were it not for the stubborn detectives and prosectors whose fight for justice spanned an entire decade.


The I-5 Killer: 

As a young man, Randall Woodfield had it all—a star athlete, good looks, and an award-winning student. Working in the swinging West Coast bar scene, he had more than his share of women. But he wanted more than just sex. An appetite for unspeakable violent acts led him to cruise the I-5 highway through California to Washington, leaving a trail of victims along the way. As the list of the dead grew, the police mobilized to stop a twisted killer who had 44 known deaths to his name.


The Stranger beside Me: The Shocking inside Story: 

The most fascinating killer in modern American history...Ann Rule has an extraordinary angle that makes The Stranger Beside Me as dramatic and chilling as a bedroom window shattering at midnight.


Bitter Harvest: A Woman's Fury, A Mother's Sacrifice: 

Rule continues her blockbuster Crime Files series with a riveting case drawn from her true crime dossier: the explosive story of four talented and charismatic young men — best friends whose bond was shattered when one among them was consumed by lethal greed and twisted desire.Dr. Debora Green and her husband, Dr. Michael Farrar, seemed to have it all: a happy marriage, successful medical practices, and three bright and beautiful children. This image was maintained until a fire broke out at the luxurious mansion owned by the couple, taking the lives of two of their children. When the fire was labeled arson, the police began to focus on Deb Green, who is the fascinating subject of bestselling author Ann Rule's most recent true-crime epic, Bitter Harvest: A Woman's Fury, A Mother's Sacrifice.


The Want Ad Killer: 

After his first grisly crime, Harvey Louis Carignan beat a death sentence and continued to manipulate, rape, and bludgeon women to death—using want ads to lure his young female victims. And time after time, justice was thwarted by a killer whose twisted legal genius was matched only by his sick savagery. Here, complete with the testimony of women who suffered his unspeakable sexual abuses and barely escaped with their lives, and of the police who at last put him behind bars, is one of the most shattering and thought-provoking true-crime stories of our time.


Everything She Ever Wanted: A True Story of Obsessive Love, Murder, and Betrayal: 

A true story of obsessive love, murder, and betrayal. A series of brilliantly manipulated crimes brings two families to ruin, and at the center of it all is a sociopath whose evil hides behind her soft words and gentle manners. To be the subject of a two-hour ABC-TV miniseries.



When Danny and Joanne Lindstrom's camping trip in the Cascade mountains goes terribly awry, beautiful younge Joanne is left alone and stranded in the savage wilderness. Her last hope is to rely on another camper, a tall stranger who seems to know the forest and the dangers there all too well. Without him, she will surely die; with him, her future is as unpredictable as the lowering clouds that envelop the mountain. He asks only that she trust him...totally.



Small Sacrifices: A True Story of Passion and Murder: 

Ann Rule's shocking and powerful account of the destructive forces that drove Diane Downs, a beautiful young mother, to shoot her three young children in cold blood.


And Never Let Her Go: Thomas Capano, The Deadly Seducer: 

The high-profile case of Anne Marie Fahey, the beautiful secretary of the governor of Delaware, who was brutally murdered by Thomas Capano, a charismatic, politically connected lawyer 17 years her senior — who was once her trusted confidant and lover. Uncover the real truth behind the headlines with And Never Let Her Go: Thomas Capano: The Deadly Seducer, and find out what drove a narcissistic killer to the high extremes of degradation, cruelty, and violence.


Dead by Sunset: Perfect Husband, Perfect Killer?: 

"When attorney Cheryl Keeton's . . . bludgeoned body was found in her van in the fast lane of an Oregon freeway, her husband, Brad Cunningham, was the likely suspect. But there was no solid evidence linking him to the crime.He married again, for the fifth time, and his . . . new wife, a physician named Sara, adopted his three sons. . . . {In this} account of Cheryl's murder, Ann Rule takes us from Brad's troubled boyhood to {his trial}."


A Rage to Kill: And Other True Cases, Vol. 6: 

The sixth book in Rule's bestselling "Crime Files" series presents 10 classic casses that illustrate the breadth of the murderous psyche. In one of the cases, "Terror on a Bus, " Rule re-creates a 1998 Seattle bus crash that killed the driver and injured many passengers. It proved not to be an accident, but murder.



A Rose for Her Grave and Other True Cases: 

The title piece focuses on a modern-day Bluebeard, Randy Roth, who murdered his second wife for insurance, claiming that her death was a mountaineering accident; tried to murder his third wife; ditched a promising marriage prospect when he discovered her to be uninsurable; and then murdered his fourth wife, this time explaining her death as an accidental drowning. Although there was no hard evidence in any of the cases, the cumulative circumstantial evidence was enough to convict him. Rule's ability to depict both criminals and victims as believable human beings is perfectly embodied in this sad, fascinating account. Indeed, all her accounts present the female victims as real people who deserve compassionate treatment. For all popular true crime collections.— Ben Harrison, East Orange P.L., N.J.


In the Name of Love: And Other True Cases: 

Probes the case of Jerry Harris, a self-made California millionaire who, at age forty-four, had it all: booming businesses, yachts, a a mansion, a beautiful wife, and a voice to rival Elvis. No one who knew this well-liked, generous man could make sense of his sudden disappearance one October night in 1987. On a final phone calll to his brother from his Mercedes, Jerry breathed a muffled oath—then the line went dead. For Jerry's wife, Susan, it was just the beginning of a relentless eight-year search for the truth behind her husband's vanishing. Through exclusive access to an FBI agent inside the investigation, Ann Rule unmasks a man driven by malevolence and hidden jealousy to destroy Jerry Harris' magnificent business empire. She expertly profiles a criminal mind that stopped at nothing in a scheme of greed and violence. With the riveting power of a Greek tragedy, Rule reveals the dark underside of an all-American success story, and a wife's ultimate triumph of justice in the name of love. Including other unforgettable accounts of true crime, this is Ann Rule at her chilling best.


If You Really Loved Me: A True Story of Desire and Murder: 

A complex and often dangerous investigation suggested a horrifying scenario: was the seemingly bland David Brown really a stone-cold killer—who convinced his own daughter to prove her love by killing for him? A man who turned young women into his own personal slaves, who collected nearly $1 million in insurance money, and married his dead wife's teenage sister, David Brown was a sociopath who would stop at nothing...a deadly charmer who almost got away with everything.


Lust Killer: 

To his neighbors, Jerry Brudo was a gentle man whose mild manner contrasted with his awesome physical strength. To his employers, Jerry was a fine worker. To his wife, he was a good husband. And to the Oregon police, Jerry Brudo was the most hideously twisted killer they had ever unmasked.


Fever in the Heart: And Other True Cases: 

Probes a volatile triangle of one woman and the two men who trade roles as her lover/husband—until both are murdered, leaving a double widow and a killer. Publicity tie-in to Everything She Ever Wanted, and A Rose For Her Grave, both ABC-TV two-part miniseries.


You Belong to Me, Vol. 2: 

Volume Two of her Crime Files. In the trademark style that makes her books such extraordinary pageturners, Rule now focuses on one of Florida's most shocking criminal cases: that of the state trooper who hid bizarre and fatal fantasies behind his badge.

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