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H. H. Holmes: Master of Illusion

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Marion Hedgepeth shared a prison cell with a man known as H. M. Howard, and exposed a scam to police.

Benjamin Pitezel was a father of three children; Nellie, Howard and Alice. Benjamin and his children were all victims of H. H. Holmes.

The Pinkerton Detective Agency was initially hired to track H.H. Holmes. They found evidence linking Holmes to numerous frauds and scams.

Sketches of Holmes

The Holmes Pitezel Case and The Torture Doctor

Depraved and The Devil in the White City

Alice,Howard & Nellie Pitezel. The children were murdered while they were with Holmes.

Holmes' Castle in Chicago, before it was torn down. The building was sound-proofed, with many hidden passages and false walls. There was also a large furnace in the basement, which was used to burn Holmes' victims.

Minnie Williams was another victim of Holmes.

Judge Arnold presided over the case, and allowed Holmes to represent himself, though very shortly into the trial, Holmes asked for his former counsel to re-take the case.

H.H. Holmes, mugshot

Antique scalpel set, similar to what was available to Holmes in that period. Holmes claimed to have used this type of equipment on some of his victims.

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