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Worst Cases of Bullying
Jon Carmichael
Jon Carmichael
Jon Carmichael, 13, of Joshua, Texas, was always small for his age and this made him a target for bullies. The extent of the bullying is unclear, though one of his accused bullies, classmate Chris Montelongo, claims that everyone bullied Jon and that deep down he considered Jon to be his friend. On March 28, 2010, Jon hanged himself in his parents' barn, and years of bullying is blamed for his death. One of his classmates recalled an incident in the fall of 2009 when Jon was stuffed into a trash can by some of his classmates. Kate Gowen, a friend of the Carmichael family said, "If there's one positive thing that would come out of this is that kids would learn to treat other kids with respect." Montelongo claims to have received death threats for his role in Jon's death.
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