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Worlds worst vacations
Aaron Dallas (pictured) didn't feel well. Since returning from a mountain biking trip to Belize in 2007, he'd been suffering from acute pain, as well as several large, painful bumps on the back of his head that often oozed blood and pus. His doctors initially diagnosed Dallas' malady as caused by an infected insect bite, but they couldn't control the symptoms. Then a specialist declared that Dallas was suffering from shingles. Finally, more than a month after returning from Belize, Dallas returned to his doctor who observed something unsettling: his scalp seemed to me moving.

Botflies are a perennial plague in guidebooks throughout the Americas. Any warm, damp place can play host to the insects, which lay their eggs inside a host where they grow and, when ready for the world, burst out of the host's skin. Dallas didn't have to wait that long, thankfully. His doctor's removed the parasites, though not before some of the hospital staff nearly succumbed to fainting.
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