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Women Executed in America
Lois Nadean Smith, 61, was executed by lethal injection in Oklahoma on December 4, 2001. She was convicted of killing her son Greg's ex-girlfriend, Cindy Bailee, in 1982. Smith had accused Bailee of arranging to have Greg killed, which Bailee denied. Smith, Greg and another woman picked Bailee up at a hotel, and, when she was in their car, Smith choked Bailee and stabbed her in the neck. Still alive when they got to Smith's house, Bailee was made to sit in a chair, where Smith shot her nine times and stomped on her body.

As a final statement, Smith said, "To the families, I want to say I'm sorry for the pain and loss I've caused you. I ask that you forgive me. You must forgive to be forgiven." Smith became the third woman to be put to death in Oklahoma that year, after the state had not executed a single woman since 1903. Her son received a life sentence.
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