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Women Executed in America
Frances Newton, 40, was executed in Texas on September 14, 2005. She was sentenced to death for the 1987 murders of her husband Adrian and two children, Alton, 7, and Farrah, 21 months. All three were shot with a gun that belonged to a man Newton was involved with. Three weeks before the killings, Newton had taken out $50,000 life insurance policies on her husband and daughter, naming herself as the beneficiary. She maintained her innocence throughout her nearly 20-year-long ordeal, claiming a drug dealer killed her family.

Newton's original execution date, December 1, 2004, was postponed after it was decided that the state needed more time to review evidence. Less than a year later, despite protests and lingering questions about her guilt, Newton was executed by lethal injection. Before her death, she declined to give a final statement or request a special last meal.
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