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When Children Kill
Emily Starnes and Consandra Tyree
Emily Starnes and Consandra Tyree
Two teenage girls in North Carolina are charged with the murder of taxi driver Adam Williams. In August 2011, Williams was dispatched to a restaurant parking lot in Hickory. When he arrived, he was stabbed to death. According to police, the motive was robbery. However, Williams only had $50 on him when he died. Three men — Camyron Johnson, 22, Matthew Hopkins, 22, and Robert McElwee, 18 — were arrested in connection with the killing.

Starnes (above left) and Tyree, both 16, were initially questioned and let go, but arrested after further investigation. According to Hickory Police Captain Thurman Whisnant, "We knew these two young ladies were involved from the get-go, but wanted to do a complete, thorough investigation. It was clear that they had involvement before, during and after the crime." Both are charged with murder, robbery with firearms and conspiracy to commit robbery.

Facing life in prison, Consandra Tyree and Emily Starnes both pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice, conspiracy to commit robbery with a dangerous weapon, robbery with a dangerous weapon, and accessory after the fact of murder. As part of the plea deal, murder charges against the two were dropped, but they had to agree to testify in any future trials against the other defendants. They were sentenced to a minimum of 58 months in prison with a maximum of 79 months.

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